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Family business at Lafonisi


Welcome to our beautiful professional company renowned Innachorio, our restaurant is located at the entrance of LAFONISIOU just before contemplate the beautiful beach that is in front of you and waiting for you to enjoy.


In addition to our restaurant Innachorio that got its name from the eponymous region it has modern equipped rooms for rest and meditation of our visitors. It is a unique family business that offers priceless traditional food made ​​from the talented hands of our cooks who have cooked for the most famous chefs in Greece as Mr. LAZARUS. Here you can taste traditional Cretan dishes that had been lost over time.


The reasons to stay in our hostel and taste our cuisine is why beside us is the emerald blue beaches of LAFONISIOU that the last five years come the second most visited Greek and other tourists in Europe. Near us is the beautiful cedar forest and the surrounding area included in the network NATURA 2000. Deep seabed and the sinking of IMPERATRICH, the shelter of the Cretan bearded vulture and the Byzantine churches of the 13th and 14th century, are waiting.


Here you will learn about the great and touching story of the island lost in the vast depths of time, ever since this island which is called mousagores  island from the ancients, was a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. Later many historians refer to it as fontestino LAFONISI.


We are waiting on our beautiful and cozy tavern and hotel complex flavors to enjoy, to feel unique and gladness to meet the wonderful world of LAFONISIOU. We guarantee with all our love and sincerity that you will be amazed and will come again and other times here in the near future.